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Hi Guys,

So as everyone knows, the giveaway for the brand new Pioneer XDJ-XZ has now been closed and drawn.
The lucky winner was generated randomly from a random google number generator between numbers 1 up to 100.
There was then a list of the first 100 VIP registered members and the number corresponding to the randomly generated number has been picked and identified.

Number 60 was the lucky winner which is username: TTSaunders.
Massive congratulations to you TTSaunders. I'll be in contact with you very soon to get your address and details so I can send the controller free of charge to your preferred address.

I will be hosting a lot more of these as it's just for a bit of extra fun on our new platform.
Stay tuned for our next giveaway which will be announced very soon!

Below is a follow up video of how the random lucky VIP Member was chosen.

I would also like to mention, this website is not a gambling or lottery platform. We our a DJ Buy & Sell with premium VIP features which includes a premium giveaway from time to time.
Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to support the website as a VIP Member.

Brett (CEO @ TheDJNation.com)


Not open for further replies.